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Located in Westminster, Colorado while serving the Greater Denver Metropolitan Area.
Areas of service include but not limited to: Westminster, Broomfield, Thornton, Brighton, Denver, Castle Rock, Ft Collins, Aurora, Lakewood, Northglenn, Federal Heights, Arvada, Cherry Creek, Glendale, Centennial,  Erie, Longmont, Boulder and beyond.

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Supervised Parenting Time/Visits

& Monitored Exchanges

"Nothing you do for a child is every wasted" Garrison Keillor 

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We offer a sliding scale to those who are eligible.​​

Welcome! Please call 303-596-7441 Offering Colorado "Off-Site" and "In-Home" Supervised Visitation/Supervised Parenting Time and Monitored Exchanges to Ensure Normality for each Visiting Child

Denver’s Premier Supervised Visitation and Monitored Exchange Program is committed to providing a non-judgmental secure environment. Our non-judgmental approach allows the parents to relax which, in turn, makes a pleasant visit for the child(ren) and parent. We strive to achieve the safest most relaxing visit for everyone. Denver’s Premier Visitation Program ensures that children receive safe, stable, predictable and consistent visits through our customized visitation programs. 
What is Supervised Visitation/Supervised Parenting Time?

Call 303-596-7441- Supervised Visitation/Supervised Parenting Time means to have a non-biased third party supervisor present to minimize visitation-related conflict between custodial and non-custodial parents, to support the development of parenting skills, to assist in rebuilding a healthy parent-child relationship and to prevent child abuse. Supervised visitation takes place in a neutral location under the supervision of a paid supervisor.

What are Monitored Exchanges?

Monitored Exchange means to have supervision of the transfer of a child from the custodial to the non-custodial parent at the start of the parent/child contact and back to the custodial parent at the end of contact. The supervision is usually limited to the exchange with remainder of the non-custodial parent/child contact unsupervised. In the case of parents having 50/50 custody, the term custodial and non-custodial will be replaced with parent to parent. Monitored Exchange can also be referred to as: supervised exchange, supervised transfer.

How can I get Supervised Parenting Time and Monitored Exchanges

Contact Denver Supervision and we will guide you through the simple process.

Where do Off-Site Supervised Visits Take Place

The supervised visits will take place in a mutually agreed upon safe, public location and/or in-home. Popular locations visiting children enjoy: The Children's Museum, Aquarium, Zoo, Libraries, Recreation Centers, Parks and Bowling are just to name a few. All visits will be under the guidance of a non-biased supervisor.  Our supervisors follow our guideline of line-of-sight and sound during each visit.

Where do Monitored Exchanges Take Place

The monitored exchanges will take place in a mutually agreed upon safe, public location and/or at a residence. All monitored exchanges will be under the guidance of a non- biased supervisor.

How Long do the Supervised Visits Last?

Visits last one hour or longer. We will provide weekly visits for as many hours as the court orders while increasing the length of time according the child's pace of adjusting to the routine weekly visit.

We are committed to helping children and parents start and/or maintain healthy, positive and conflict-free relationships.

Please contact us for more information or to schedule supervised visits/supervised parenting time or monitored exchanges.